Justified adds spacing between words so that the lines of text touch both the left and right margins, except for the last line of the paragraph, which uses normal word spacing. If you'd like to apply more specific line spacing to the style, clickthe Format button at the bottom left corner of the Modify Style dialog box and select Paragraph.. Rags, widows and orphans – sounds more like a Dickens novel than type! Remove paragraph spacing by Line and Paragraph Spacing function In Word, to remove space before or after paragraph, you can use the utilities in Line and Paragraph Spacing drop-down list. It is not occupied by any characters, templates, multimedia, or anything else. C-u NUM C-x TAB to indent NUM columns. The distance to indent the left edge of the paragraph rule below (based on either the text width or the column width of the last line in the paragraph. ruleBelowLineWeight Measurement Unit (Number or String) r/w The line weight of Now, this happens everywhere in my document, except a couple of places where large spaces have been inserted. To do this, make sure the Home tab is active on the ribbon and click the “Show/Hide “ button in the Paragraph section. Learn how to create spaces and physical separation in HTML with CSS. There are a range of "m-x" classes you can add to paragraph elements where x (0+) represent integers driving increasing space between paragraphs: For example, this will have no space between the paragraphs:

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