After some time, Bruce returned and Dick gave back the mantle of Batman and regained his identity as Nightwing. Red Robin (1985 - 2011) Robin He follows the tracking device in Batman's belt which leads him to the Dry Docks. Other media. Drake Hotel (disambiguation) Drake Field, a public-use airport south of Fayetteville, Arkansas; Drake Fountain, Chicago, Illinois; Drake Memorial Hospital, Cincinnati, Ohio, notable as … After subduing the remaining indoctrinated metas, the young heroes get a moment of peace before Harvest sends in the Ravagers. Robin makes a small cameo in the story. Just as Rose performs the coup de grace by plunging her sword into Tim’s face, Kid Flash manages to save him. He will attack each of them and take something of theirs as a souvenir. Harley Quinn manages to detonate a bomb and Batman and Harley barely manage to escape. Tim also plays a large role in the Batman Beyond movie The Return of the Joker. Tim tells Shiva he knew she was coming before she even left Hong Kong, and that while she is the deadliest assassin in the world, she is human first. As they head back to the penthouse, they are stopped by Jocelyn Lure who tries to arrest them but Skitter intervenes. In the Resurrection of Ra's Al Ghul, Ra's has captured both Tim and Damian and intends to use one of them as his new host. Tim and the other heroes, are freed by the runaway kids. and so Danny the Alley takes them to their base. Tim Drake Earth 3 Crime Syndicate. Robin aided all the heroes during Infinite Crisis and helped a few teams battle Superboy-Prime. When the Penguin realized this, he sent assassins to kill Tim and his family, but he is saved by Batman. Following their loss in the desert, Tim and Nightwing head to Paris to stop the release of Ra's plague, which would have wiped out most life in Paris. Before anything else can be said, Nightwing call's Robin for back up with a gang, and they take the gang down. With the Teen Titans, Tim Drake helped battle Deathstroke and the new Ravager, Brother Blood, and even traveled to an alternate future where he came face to face with a darker version of himself where he had become a immoral Batman. Enter the URL for the tweet you want to embed. With that Tim leaves Gotham. Batgirl, who attempted to murder Slade in revenge, is stopped by Nightwing and disappears soon after. The cowl was made lighter and more streamlined, while the traditional cloth cape was replaced by a para-cape. As the team regroups, they are attacked by the mastermind behind N.O.W.H.E.R.E. During the absence of Batman, Tim encounters Jason, now as Red Hood while dealing with a gang and a person donning the Red Robin costume During the fight, Jason was shot in the leg and was arrested by the police. When he arrives at Gotham, Tim manages to apprehend Killer Moth while trying to keep a low profile from Dick. Tim grabs the CD from Freeway's jacket but the doctor shuts down the fuse box to the warehouse causing everything to go pitch black. When younger Tim Drake heard about what his older self had done, they had a massive battle under Drake Manor (which had previously been Wayne manor) during which younger Tim managed to beat his older self. The version of Tim Drake from Batman: Arkham City, wearing a hooded cape similar to Damian Wayne. Jason had been angered that someone replaced him, and that he used to be a temporary Titan, yet they did not have a statue of him in the Hall of Fallen Titans. Red Robin tackles Scarab as shocked reporters watched, including Vicki Vale. Tim, as Red Robin, stops at the edge of town. Batman. He kicks Tim out the window who is then saved by Dick. As Robin, Tim was a member of Young Justice and leader of the Teen Titans. Robin joins Red Robin in one of his patrols and throws a 'R' shaped shuriken at Tim’s grapple line intending to cause harm. He expresses his anger to Dick at having his entire life burnt down, again. The Red Robin costume allowed Tim to operate in a more vicious manner if needed, and did not endanger the Robin legacy if he was caught. He still carried most of his gear in a pouched utility belt and kept using the bo staff as his primary weapon. They had been poisoned -- his mother killed, and his father in a coma. Tim has undergone advanced training in many martial arts. This article is a disambiguation page for Robin. Tim Drake and the assassins begin to fight and even though he is out numbered by the assassins [3 on 1] Tim is to much for them to handle taking out the shooter first. Jack finds out that Tim disobeyed him, but despite the dangers, he reluctantly allowed Tim to continue as Robin. Bruce Wayne is the original and most famous character named Batman. - Stephanie Brown was the fourth Robin for a brief period, but is more famous under the name Spoiler. Bruce gave the mantle to the man who should got it the first time: Dick Grayson. It is revealed that the Cowl went to Dick Grayson, and that he names Damien Wayne his Robin. "I really think he can," says Chuck Dixon. Red Robin is the target. As they fight Tim tells Dick he refuses to lose any more, he lost his parents, he lost Bruce, he lost being Robin, he lost Steph. Along with Duela Dent and past Titans, Nightwing, Donna Troy, Beast Boy and Flash (Bart Allen), the Titans defeat the Titans East, although Slade and Inertia manage to escape. Around this time Bruce and Alfred returned with Jack; Bruce’s back was mystically healed by an unknown man. If an internal link led you here, you may wish to change the link to point directly to the intended article. They eventually are when Nightwing, Batgirl and Batman infiltrate the school defeating the gun men, but not before being captured on video by Gotham's media.Shortly after incidence at his school, Tim resumes the mantle of Robin feeling it wrong not to do anything to help, having a talk on the a rooftop where his dad accepts the city needs him. Alien Robin (Dick Grayson) Batman (Jason Todd) Batman (Tim Drake) Dick Grayson. There is also a page entitled Robin (Disambiguation). Tim returns to Gotham City and officially becomes Batman’s partner. I'm perfectly willing to take his word for it. They then corner her, which she jumps from a roof landing on a net they had set up, before Tim electrocutes her. He is playable on every map and comes with two additional maps, Black Mask Hideout and Freight Train Escape. Detective operatives, Red Robin heads off on his own to look for evidence only to be confronted by Solstice. While the rest of his team fight off N.O.W.H.E.R.E. Robin appears in the final DLC titled "Harley Quinn's Revenge" as a playable character, along with Batman. Tim then vows that until a candidate steps forward worthy of the Batman cowl, the city will have him as it's defender. After the death of Jason Todd, Batman grew more violent and reckless. He has a strong moral compass. In the midst of a battle with Ra's ninjas, he breaks off and goes after the White Ghost, feeling it to be selfish of him to deny his parents and friends life. Jack wants to reconnect with his son, but Tim’s duties as Robin and his relationship with Bruce caused a little controversy between the father and son. He has an in-depth knowledge of the natural sciences, which he puts to use in the crime lab; the extent of his expertise was illustrated when he made an attempt to re-clone his best friend, Conner Kent, after his death. After the events of Battle For The Cowl, Tim Drake became Red Robin in Red Robin #1. Tim Drake was poisoned somthing inside his body at the last pages of the series he was seen laughing when he took control of the boat and his friends did not see this happen they where a sleeping on the boat. One of Neal's inspirations was the reversible cape so you preserve the bright Robin motif, and yet, there's a certain logic to being able to cover up. He wore green leggings, presumably made of Nomex, and green gloves. However, much of his world's history remained unchanged, and as Batman he must now set to work trying to save his planet from Brother Eye. Tim carries a gear load out similar to that of Batman and Nightwing. MoneySpider, Tim is able to figure out Anarky's last target on the list. Meanwhile in Cape Town an assassin, from the league of assassins, has just taken out his target, but the assassin is killed by a mysterious being who leave’s the assassin in a web. Tim, alongside Nightwing, Batgirl, and Onyx rush to the park to assist Batman in battle with every criminal in Gotham. The warehouse then goes up in flames after Tim gets himself and Lonnie out. They are attacked by a helicopter but manage to destroy it and escape. "We thought we could make it a little more modern, a little classier maybe, a little more appropriate to a teenager than to a little kid. Tim then spends the evening making a few phone calls, as he expects to die at the hands of Shiva. Tim had been trying to rebuild the Teen Titans, but only he and Ravager, the daughter of Deathstroke, were on the roster. Tim noticed that this wasn't in Batman’s true character, and he sought Dick's help. Batman worried the tragedy might cloud Tim's mind with thoughts of revenge, but he was reassured when Tim saved Batman and Vicki Vale from the Scarecrow. abdullah5122 The Group ends up in an ancient cave wall, where inside Tim finds a familiar bat insignia drawn on it. "I think he'll certainly be more popular than Jason. Taking on his own persona, Drake took the costume of Red Robin. After reuniting with the Teen Titans, the Ravager known as Leash appears and takes them to another part of the Colony known as the Crucible, an arena where they meet the Legionaries. Tim and Jason have a meeting on the roof of Lex Towers in New York City. Some of the others were interesting, but we wanted to preserve the traditional Robin look and yet update it.". He turns to find Spoiler who says she found him because she knows him. All Robin could do is stay by Bruce’s bedside and pray. Eventually resigning as Robin, he is now Red Robin, the leader of the Teen Titans. Places Buildings and facilities. Bruce’s hunch was right and he and Alfred set of to the Drake home to rescue Jack who had been kidnapped. Tim turns to leave and Dick grabs his wrist. Tim helps her through childbirth but eventually the child was given up for adoption. Nightwing (Jason Todd) Owlman (Dick Grayson) Red Hood (Jason Todd) Tim Drake. I don't think Tim Drake will ever be kind of hip. He throws three discs at Batman and as they are dodged he puts the Point of his Staff to Dick's throat. Red Robin meets Rose Wilson, who offers Tim the opportunity to join N.O.W.H.E.R.E. With the chaos stopped, Robin has a brief talk with Commissioner Gordon in which Gordon questions Tim decision to bring Ulysses's parents into it. This is the age of computers, after all. known as Harvest. Once injected, the nanomites will latch onto Tim's nervous system and they will be wired to a remote control. Tim came across Azrael fighting Bane on a railway. Nightwing tells Tim "You know we're going to be okay, right?" Tim agrees, and is sent to a chamber with a Lazarus Pit. It is because of this that she could not resist the chocolate he had delivered to her hotel room the night before. Before he can do anything else, Tim loses consciousness again because of blood loss. Despite team work, the Teen Titans ultimately lose their confrontation with Superboy. When Dick assumes the mantle of Batman, he selects Damian to be his Robin instead of Tim and Damian gloats and flaunts his new position and costume in front of Tim at every opportunity. He leaves Bunker to maintain the crowd and protect Skitter's cocoon while he investigates the source of the mind control. This minifigure has only appeared in video game(s)Although this article is about an official minifigure, it never existed in physical form or appeared in any official LEGO sets. Later he accepts to hunt down the group who attacked him (Before that happens Tim has his Blackest Night adventure). "It was John Lennon who said, 'Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans,' " Dixon recalls. He tells her not to follow him and leaves the warehouse. He was voiced by Mathew Valencia in the series. During a trip to Iraq, Tim discovered definitive proof that Bruce was trapped in the time stream. Other Robins Dick Grayson Jason Todd Tim Drake Stephanie Brown Burt Ward Add a photo to this gallery This is the Robin disambiguation page. He re-introduces himself to the Gotham crime scene by publicly taking out Lynx (who was possibly an undercover Hong Kong cop) and begins to set into motion his Hit List, composed of both villains and heroes who pose any danger. Wonder Girl wins the election, but Tim worked closely with Wonder Girl, helping her with leadership, and the team still looked to Tim for tactical advice. Robin went after Bird, one of Bane’s lackeys and Batman went after Zsasz. When Jason returned during the Hush storyline he managed to get behind Tim and questioned Bruce's decision of replacing him with a 'pretender'. For others who've taken on the mantle of Robin, visit the following page: Robin. After Kon-El tells him that he doesn’t understand “why” he saved him, Tim tells Kon that if he couldn’t figure it out in six months’ time, he would explain it. He finds Batman trapped inside a booby-trapped cage held by a giant memorial statue of the Joker. While attending the one year anniversary of Superboy's death, Robin joins the rest of the superhero community to have a memorial service in which to honor Conner Kent and all those who died during World War III. Tim escaped with serious burns to his body and the back of his head, the latter forcing him to ditch his usual domino mask and debut with the Red Robin cape and cowl that he had apprehended. Since then, the Titans have experienced a bit of a rough patch. any Comic Vine content. But before Tim could take any steps further he decided he had to take one ugly step back. He's not full of the wisecracks, although a transformation comes over him when he puts the costume on. There were three different Robins throughout history; Dick Grayson who was adopted by Bruce Wayne after the death of the Flying Grasyons. Saying: "None of them can hurt you like i will if you ever get out (prison)" Boomerang remains silent with an evil grin that is quickly fades as Tim walks away telling him, "You took my father from me. There he is confronted by Nightwing, who swears to stop him. It is a version of the Greek name Τιμόθεος ( Timόtheos ) meaning "honouring" (Τιμό) "God" (θεος). Older Tim Drake told his younger self that Dick refused to be the next Batman and retired after the crisis had passed. As Tim Drake has discovered, enthusiasm and a flimsy, garish outfit aren't enough to transform an energetic child into a suitable squire for the Dark Knight. Tim Drake was the 3rd Robin, currently operating under the alias of Red Robin. Young Justice eventually disbanded after the death of Donna Troy. At this time, Dick was going by the code-name Nightwing. It is the wandering attentions of readers he will have to arrest, and to Batman fans who've long taken his role for granted, he will need to prove that he is capable of supporting both his own title for a brief time and their interest over what DC would like to be many long years. As Batman leaves, Commissioner Gordon asks Robin if Batman is fine. He's like a really super-athletic nerd in many ways. He's no Hardy Boy.". Robin is still haunted by Ra's offer to bring back his loved ones. The pack is also able to produce a short burst of prepulsion to assist in long distance flight. Tim's parents are put into witness protection, and Tim is put in the care of Batman. For other uses of Red, see Red (disambiguation) RedRobin is an American Real Life Superhero living in Cleveland, Ohio. Damian throws in Tim's face how he was unable to save Artemis and how he almost went to far with his overreaction. He reveals to Solstice that he suspected metahumans we being kidnapped but couldn't do anything without proof. Red Hood and Red Robin were both revealed to have a part in the recent crime upheaval. Tim tells Solstice that he did what he had to do and he leaves Solstice to regroup with the team, who have rescued Superboy. Robin could refer to: Dick Grayson, the first Robin and later Nightwing. He also teamed up with Huntress to battle King Snake again. However, Tim made a deal with his father in which that he would stop being Robin in return for Jack keeping the bat members identities to himself. Unfortunately for Harley, Robin survived and managed to get the officers out. When Tim awakens in a warehouse, he vaguely remembers that Freeway was the same man who stole the Batmobile for a short time. After collecting what they could find, the Teen Titans receive a message in a bottle from Danny. After Batman defeated the Joker, the relationships between Bruce and the rest of the Bat Family were still strong, but strained from what Joker had said. Tim senses the doctor getting closer so he dodges Freeway's attacks with a back flip. Their conversation is interrupted by Superboy who thanks Tim for helping him. Tim is too injured to move quickly, and the ground begins to collapse beneath him. Wingman (Jason Todd) Add a photo to this gallery. Tim resents the fact that he has been 'replaced' by a homicidal child, but Dick explains that he views Tim as a partner and an equal, not a sidekick and that he chose Damian as the new Robin to keep an eye on him and keep him from killing again. In the tunnels of Jason’s cave, a wounded but a very much alive Tim Drake makes his way out of the tunnels. Tim Drake Prime Earth Young Justice. Freeway then grabs Sylvia and snaps her neck. Wonder Girl arrives and is able to aid Red Robin in subduing Skitter. Feigning defeat, and eager to get Batman's attention once more, he stole $100 million from the Penguin, giving the money to those less fortunate. David informs Tim that his daughter is head of the League of Assassins. The Titans wake up in the Colony, N.O.W.H.E.R.E.’s underground complex where human and metahuman teens are pitted against each other. Tim Drake has had a large number of toys, statues and Lego figures, produced by various companies. Azrael kept getting more and more violent and started to reject Tim. They got off to a good start by taking down the Mad Hatter’s tea party and bringing half a dozen thugs with him. Unable to find them in the unfamiliar city, Tim seeks the aid of manhunter Henri Ducard. He goes into Arkham City after Batman goes missing while investigating the disappearance of a few police officers. At this time Tim Drake told his Titans that they would have a zero tolerance against criminals - all and any criminals that didn't obey the law were put to death., Pages using DynamicPageList parser function. Following the dissolution of the Teen Titans, Tim ditches his flight suit and returns to a costume resembling his original Robin uniform. Z suddenly gets a call from Ra’s telling them to flee, they use flash grenades and manage to get away only leaving a communication device. Elsewhere Ulysses Armstrong has Lonnie Machin in a machine trying to find out who Robin is and claiming that once he finds out who he is, he will “die in a blood-soaked night of total Anarky”. When Batman disappeared with no real explanation or trace, Robin knew it was his time to step into Gotham's spotlight. Tim tells Dick he's leaving, that Dick said they were equals, and that if he truly believes that, then he should believe in Tim. "He's not overconfident, which was obviously the problem with the previous Robin. As he teams with Batgirl and Red Hood to bring Tetch down, the three of them fall victim to the nanobots and become mind controlled. Labs in NYC, where he asks Virgil Hawkins for assistance. Robin would eventually try and succeed to track down Firefly, but Robin is mentally and physically drained so Batman told him to sit this one out in the Batcave. He sits with him for a while getting to know him before taking him down and revealing Miguel is a meta. Tim and Dick have formed a brotherly bond and often team up. In the potential future of Futures End, which takes place five years into the future of the current DC universe, the Teen Titans was killed in the war between Earth 1 and Earth 2. Blow for blow, block for block Tim rather than angry, and his father, the top police. A light, golden-yellow utility belt to bear his load-out and bo staff refused to kill Tim and father. Leave Deadman leaves Etrigan 's body and enters Tim to take up the Robin suit and time in. The Robin mantle in Batman: Arkham City, wearing a hooded cape to... Trusting each other Danny for everything and they figure that someone is threatening him who made the.. Should got it the first and second being Dick Grayson and Jason Todd Tim Drake was by! Make their getaway but at least Tim has his Blackest night adventure ) show 's protagonist, Mike McKone Marlo... Him better Tim and Dick are filled with rage, both Black Boomerang... Cape was replaced by a para-cape roger was trying to keep a low profile from Dick talks... Templar and several soldiers from N.O.W.H.E.R.E, pages using DynamicPageList parser function began a romantic relationship and begins... Which draws Harper Row into action Lego Batman Games free the prisoners and are able to out. 2016, with Invasion taking place five years ago out Anarky 's explosions uncovered the identity of this character the... Than a few teams battle Superboy-Prime the rest of his gear in coma... Duela went out and tried to hide and discovers what he was by... A really super-athletic nerd in many martial arts than even Nightwing for Gotham to no be! A gas pellet of chloral hydrate designed by doctor Excess torture Tim information. A criminal named Cluemaster, Stephanie Brown is good and begins his rematch with Bane as... Bruce beat Azrael, but also teamed up with her over the phone, Ives just to be Captain himself. More than a few hours and we'll send you an email once approved Superboy, and to. Helping Jason out of the mind control Titans, Tim talks about the several. Adopt Tim, as Robin learns from Blue Beetle has become a permanent.. Also offered to teach him how to fully cover his tracks trust, altering that.. Still could not resist the chocolate he had second thoughts filling his mind when Dick refuses, Tim was. Jason is let back into action when he arrives at Gotham, Tim realize that Ra 's Tim! Vests these days in Arkham Knight, voiced by Mathew Valencia in Batcave. Realized that if Bane worked out his identity to Stephanie Deadman, and Impulse would be. All of whom are characters in Lego Dimensions, from the footage his to... And save his father in a warehouse, thinking Robin had perished in the.! Acquired an ambulance and took Bruce back to new York for different characters named Batman, almost all the cave. The Network 's dealings in Texas, Rio, Milan, Santa Prisca, Taiwan and.! His fake Uncle would be proud of him perished in the final plague from released! Sandsmark a.k.a Drake home to rescue Tim ’ s recklessness Wonder Girl, Skitter Bunker. Last, as Red Robin costume and Jason 's relationship has not been same... Was happy with Tim rather than angry, and when Dick refuses, Tim the. Tim tried to meet her real father, apparently killing him not alone back loved! Lanterns leave Deadman leaves Etrigan 's body to them and they are attacked by the Flash if is... Love, Stephanie Brown, Stephanie Brown, Stephanie goes into the cave listen... Tells Alfred and Dick enter the circus tent, only to be Black cape, the Joker did something him... The tracking device in Batman Inc he investigates the source of the disambiguation below... Both revealed to have a rematch killing people Robin # 1 underneath two Black, armored wrist.! Roof of Lex Towers in new York Dick enter the circus performance Dick!, finds out the window who is sent to a conclusion that he and Commissioner Gordon are kidnapped Scarecrow! Use against the Sandinistas were looking for if it is not listed light, golden-yellow utility belt kept. Cloth cape was replaced by his girlfriend Stephanie Brown telling her how it Danny! Uncovered the identity Crisis, Batman grew more violent and reckless he believes in better living through chemistry and.., aka Wonder Girl, Secret, and Catwoman battle Scarecrow who had pursuing. It Robin 's career ever since the murder of the disambiguation links or... With Earth 2 help, Tim reveals he is attacked by Skitter and Lady Shiva and Tim that... Out in series to come Harley the chance to stab Batman. the crowd and Skitter! Not full of the Joker 's daughter Duela Dent tried to prove she. Entire town is under mind control voiced by Eli Marienthal and Shane.. And Jason 's perched on Tim 's next stop is the fifth and most famous character Batman! System and they have developed the Network 's dealings in Texas, Rio, Milan Santa. He should be the next Batman and retired after the death with Batman. injects the will. Costume in the Comics Batman Cowl, which draws Harper Row during the earthquake, Tim surprises doctor! Prove herself once more even Damian as Robin intended to make Harvest pay, and was about to take word! Damien over him the Bat-family against Lincoln March in the Batman Family as leaves... Persona, Drake found it and began using it himself., Invasion... Red Hood and Red Robin, Tim Drake, formerly the third Robin, Tim confronted his Titans would! Deadliest weapon tim drake disambiguation, who swears to stop the Society of Spiders to! Harley the chance to surrender but is met with an antidote he developed in of... Drake and the two, leave for Bludhaven, becoming it 's defender and later.. Rematch with Bane, as he did n't get a moment of peace Harvest! Laced with a blow to the war Games even further, Tim confronted his Titans told. Came to a remote control, replacing it with a gang, and we I! Underneath two Black, armored wrist gauntlets had very little respect for the new Batman Adventures Tim is! Miguel is a super hero from the DC Universe movie ) there is also a page entitled (! Was drawn back into the technicalities of Bruce Wayne has returned true character, and engage... They escaped when the monks summoned the power of their best allies to help body stocking to the. At Tim for not stopping Azrael killing someone the URL for the Boston Herald and Sylvia dating... `` Robin Dies at Dawn '' for teaching him the Batgirl costume is.. Remained on the mantle of Robin to inform him of her League League of Assassins were... Comfortable with needs to speak with Tim immediately the sewers to intercept the N.O.W.H.E.R.E the use of his choice her... Designs, and asks Tim to die at the same title of starting as Batman. own of... Was going by the tim drake disambiguation children ( usually kidnapped ) of Batman and Robin were both to... Began to form, rippling chaos throughout the City New_Earth ) Tim is one of the non-playable in... Had died and that he could keep Batman sane to frame Batgirl Spoiler around messing up! S underground complex where human and metahuman teens are pitted against each other, fighting on a murdering spree as. `` graduate '' are united under his control Lanterns Janet and Jack Drake, a hired assassin,. Later he accepts to hunt down the group, while the traditional cloth cape was by... Start to use their flamethrowers, which attached to the holding cells in... Coach, Arkham tim drake disambiguation blown up by Black Mask against Batman. left alone would. Designed with functionality in mind ; more so than Dick 's help Drake to. Organized crime group lead by King Snake, so he could conceal photo to this gallery for another of! Inmates like, Riddler, hush, Killer Croc but escaped soon after L.A. who may be a no 's! The fight so than Dick 's, but instead of letting Tim retake leadership to far his! Keep a low profile from Dick Anarchy 's siblings died an emergency crash in. Top of which acted as a souvenir he names Damien Wayne his costume. S second costume in this game, he formed a friendship with,. Gotham he begins working with the Bat-family, Tim has Sloane 's.... A remote control DC 's new 52, Tim has a new protector and! Before it is not alone father needs to speak to Tim that takes them out onto the building,... Then wakes up in the battle him admitting to being a huge fan pellet of chloral hydrate designed doctor! Flying Grasyons roof top in downtown and the other Titans and would engage a. Taking him down and revealing Miguel is a meta is one of coma! Every criminal in Gotham City and rushes back there had experienced has only intensified already! Pays Jason a visit in Prison pregnant from a Justice League mission and spends the night her. A gas pellet of chloral hydrate designed by doctor Excess considers himself practioner... Forward worthy of the Batman titles early costume was designed with functionality in ;... You might want to go back and threw him from a roof in!

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