I always have the guitar flat out; otherwise you lose top. Go to Litgo's Hiwatt page for more info on Pete's Hiwatts. Ca. Hylight Electronics was the brainchild of British audio engineer David Reeves. Click images to view larger versions. S / No 71X . The Definitive Online Tablature and Gear Resource for The Who since 1997. $60.00 + $2.40 shipping Guitar is Fender Stratocaster. 20 July 1968, Virginia Dome, first regular use of Sound City gear in the States. The Genius Of Pete Townshend - The Who / CD. I use two amps: full treble and full base. Probably, but it did get me a new guitar and complete amp/speaker setup! Discover (and save!) Guitar is 1968 Gibson SG Special. Two prototype-era CP103 amps (no “The Who” on control panel) with one Sound City L100 with Hiwatt badge (top), ca. . document.write('Photo: Barrie Wentzell'); Hiwatt CP103 serial no. Guitar is Fender Stratocaster. I tend to choose a guitar that fits the amp rather than the other way around. Customised by Dave Reeves, Hylight Electronics. One great example of why that is so is Pete Townshend. It’s missing the back panel, and in the last rehearsal space move I lost the old-style “kettle lead” for the mains power. He began using the Hiwatts model after using modified Sound City L100 SC105 amplifiers with Hiwatt badges, which he used beginning late 1968. Information I've been able to gather indicates that this is closely coupled with the previous P.T. Een interview wat Pete heeft gedaan voor de BBC serie The Story Of The Guitar. Customised by Dave Reeves of Hylight Electronics. February 1969, with Gibson SG Special and Sound City/Hiwatt rig. and Brilliant Vols. Entwhistle [sic]: Five or six, full treble. In his standard setup, three amplifiers total are used onstage, two shelved in a custom rack unit (beginning 1972), with one on top of the rack unit.