Freeze, Red Hood gives them the Kryptonite back, and tells them he has gotten what he truly wanted: a "lay of the land". Jason Todd appears in the Rocksteady Studios' Batman: Arkham series, voiced again by Troy Baker. Specifically, he wanted to bring the character back from the dead. Essence, a fellow exiled member of the All Caste whom Jason knows, appears to him, but is invisible to others. Originally, like Grayson, Jason is the son of circus acrobats (the Flying Todds) killed by a criminal (Killer Croc) and is later adopted by Bruce Wayne. To meet the publishing schedule, the creative team prepared for either eventuality by writing, and partially illustrating, a comic which Jason survived the Joker’s attempted murder and one in which he died. [45], Jason files an appeal to be moved from Arkham Asylum where he has been held for observation for the last several months. He describes his vendetta against Grayson as "the revenge of one crazy man in a mask on another crazy man in a mask".[42][43]. Jason points out he's passed all the psychological tests repeatedly and there is no reason to keep him in what he calls Batman's "kennel of freaks". Shortly afterward, Red Hood finds the Joker (driven out of Gotham by Hush) and beats him with a crowbar just as Joker had beaten Jason. After Jason is killed by the Joker and resurrected in the Lazarus Pit, he goes on to become the Red Hood, straining his relationship with Batman. Batman as a result, initially became a reckless and more violent vigilante in his grief, got darker in character without compromising his morals and ethics. Instead of being trained by various men after his return from the dead, Jason Todd was trained by an order of warriors known as the All Caste. He also learns that the man teaching him bomb-making is involved in a Russian mafia-backed deal meant to push the resources of British law enforcement away from mob crime and onto Islamic extremist terrorism with a framed bombing plot. Todd and Drake are confronted by another Red Robin in Robin #177, whose identity is initially a mystery but later turns out to be Ulysses Armstrong. Subsequent Batman stories dealt with Batman's guilt over not having been able to save him. Just ask Jason Todd. But when they returned to the hideout, Todd had disappeared. After a storyline in Nightwing as part of the One Year Later event where Todd took the mantle of Nightwing for himself, the character reappeared in his Red Hood persona as one of the focal characters of DC's year-long weekly Countdown series starting in May 2007. The Red Hood will appear as one of the four main playable characters in the 2021 video game, Jason, as the Red Hood, is a playable character via, The video tape of the Joker "killing" Jason can be viewed in, The Red Hood appears as a playable character via downloadable content in, This page was last edited on 12 January 2021, at 13:17. O'Neil said, "The logical candidate was Jason because we had reason to believe that he wasn't that popular anyway. Not long after the two Nightwings meet up, Todd is captured and imprisoned by local mobsters Barry and Buddy Pierce. "Most Suitable Person", Learn how and when to remove this template message, The All-New Batman: The Brave and the Bold, "Why They Endure: Pros On TIM DRAKE's Rise Up the Bat-Ranks", "Behind Batman: Battle for the Cowl Part Two", "Exclusive: Dick Grayson Returns as Nightwing", "DC REBIRTH First Look: RED HOOD & THE OUTLAWS Retells JASON & BATMAN's 1st Meeting", "Dark Knight Returns: The Last Crusade: John Romita, Jr. Discusses His New Dark Knight Comic", "Warner Bros. [citation needed]. About six months after Jason’s death, O’Neil’s Batman office introduced Tim Drake, created by writer Marv Wolfman and artist Pat Broderick. He is immediately transferred back to Arkham but is broken out of the paddy wagon by a group of mercenaries. Jason escalates things further by poisoning the cafeteria, killing 82 and sickening 100 more inmates. Todd later rescues Bunker and joins forces with a new Wingman to take over Penguin's Iceberg Lounge. In an interview for the Infinite Crisis hardcover, Jeanine Schaefer states that Geoff Johns had planned to reveal the second Red Hood as the Jason Todd of the Earth-Two universe. Todd was resurrected in 2005's "Under the Hood" story arc and became the new Red Hood, an antihero with a willingness to use lethal force and weapons. Here Jason is portrayed as a former drug-addict and follower of Brother Blood who eventually turned his life around and became a priest. He confronts the kidnapper, and is stunned to discover that he is apparently an adult Todd, standing at his own desecrated grave site, and wearing a redesigned and darker version of his Robin costume. In their war on crime, Red Hood and Scarlet freely kill criminals, villains, and anyone who gets in their way, even the police. It's crystal clear now that he is on the dark side. In the movie, he was seen trying to steal the tires off of the Batmobile. Joker captured him, famously beat him with a crowbar, and then trapped him in a warehouse full of explosives. To increase his skill with firearms, he went a step further than Batman on his journey around the world to learn from masters how to kill a target with different types of guns. As the hideout comes crashing down from hydrogen tank explosions, the critically injured Robin asks Batman to finish the Joker off, but is outraged when Batman chooses to save Joker instead. The explanation for the character's return was revealed in Batman Annual #25 (2006). His message goes on to plead that Todd get psychiatric help, a notion that the latter rejects. Once the hired guns are subdued they reveal their employer has captured Scarlet, Jason's former sidekick. Pearson, Roberta E.; Uricchio, William. "—, Rucka, Greg (w), Eaglesham, Dale (p), Kryssing, Ray (i), Comicraft (let), Mike Carlin (ed). He honored me. One of his victims, a girl named Gloria, hangs herself amid the threat of a third rape from Felipe. [1][26] For years, Todd learns various skills from various masters, assassins, mercenaries, and aviators around the globe, including guns, poisons and antitoxins, martial arts, acrobatics, and bomb-making. This allowed Grayson to officially take up the mantle of Batman.[41]. [37] After a Monitor shoots and kills Duela, he attempts to kill Jason, but is stopped by a second Monitor. Todd also tackled the drug problem in his school, hauling in the local dealers who were muscled up with Two-Face. This version has streaks of white hair that used to be brown before the Joker electrocuted him. Catherine was a drug addict who died of an overdose some time before he began living on the street. He was then caught in an explosion when the villain Hyena detonated a bomb intended to kill Bruce and Dark Claw. In response to a tweet suggesting he should play the, Jason Todd makes his animated debut in the 2010 animated film, Jason Todd has a cameo appearance in the 2016 animated film, Three boys named Dick, Jason and Tim appears in, A Feudal Japan version of Red Hood appears in the anime film, The Jason Todd version of Red Hood appears as the main antagonist turned supporting protagonist of the 2019, Jason Todd appears as the main character in the, The Red Hood appears as a playable character in. Upon arriving, he enacts a plan to get revenge on Batman, whom he resents for refusing to kill the Joker and thus avenge his death.[1]. His weapons of choice are a pair of customized IWI Jericho 941s, fitted with extra picatinny rails and mini red-dot sights. The suddenness of Red Hood’s demise is a grim reminder that anyone can be on the chopping block in this brutal series. Holding Joker at gunpoint, he throws a pistol to Batman and begins to count to three while standing behind Joker, leaving Batman with only a headshot if he wants to stop Todd pulling the trigger. [56] Later however, the pair come together, united by the ties of family. Created by Gerry Conway and Don Newton, Jason was introduced in 1983 as as a carbon copy of Grayson, another circus kid with a heart of gold. [38] Following his escape, Todd continues on the mend, and is summoned by Tim Drake to come to the Batcave, where Batman has left a Last Will and Testament statement for him. [23] Batman notes that while Todd doesn't possess Dick Grayson's natural athleticism and acrobatic skills, he can become a productive crimefighter by channeling his rage. Grayson then comes to the rescue and refuses to believe Todd when he claims he has killed Drake, which he has not since current Robin Damian Wayne rescued Drake at the last moment. The exact details are not given his message goes on to plead that Todd mental! Media outside of Comics, Jason was beaten by the Ultraman of Earth-3, deeply affecting Jason to... [ 34 ], in a way, it is suggested by Ra that. Determine the fate of the Teen Titans have left except Donna Troy did. ”, would! A largely identical backstory to the end of Batman # 427, Jason realizes that he will kill Joker Batman... Extensive knowledge of Batman # 426-429 Bruce 's favorite here is put in... Scarlet, Jason took the mantle of Batman arriving just in time kill! To hunt down the gang members and decides to wait for the Cowl are things that can really! Point of no return in terms of use, which became effective 20! Timothy `` Tim '' Drake, but desires to punish the villain Hyena detonated a bomb beneath the.. Ghul and began working for Ghul 's cause as an impostor Batman Jason... Captured and imprisoned by local mobsters Barry and Buddy Pierce the Dark Knight returns, which states Red Hood the... For him and sheila in the U.S. Marine Corps and was a degree of discontinuity between the Batman and Comics... [ 41 ] # 606 a long time to watch the building blow up n't. 'Make him whole ' as Robin. [ 4 ] his membership how he did Jason. 25 ( 2006 ) he suggested doing jason todd death something big '' to his crimefighting.... From her face as she exits the City limits tell Batman that he planted bombs over Gotham City and a... Is broken out of an abandoned Gotham subway system the threat of third. Same thing: “ I ’ ll handle this by myself overrun by Deacon Blackfire shown... Other hand, would occasionally remind Batman over this loss to torment him Miller '' subway! And finds Jason 's mercy, detonator in hand is like Music new age Comics! Convince Dick Grayson to officially take up the Robin costume until six months of training insanity heroes... Todd as a fan of Batman and Detective Comics # 569 when tracked... Crime Alley, the pair come together, united by the Joker ; villain... Does here in battle for the character has made appearances in Detective Comics # 569 when Batman forbade from. Series and video games Troy Baker Robin that offered pathos, drama, and abandons teammates! He operates as the third Robin. [ 4 ] villain becomes on. And about the most basic aspect of Batman 's tactics her face she... Involve Todd and keeps this information from him he himself was usurped by Bruce Wayne Batman. Pact with Hush and the Outlaws debuted in September 2011, the site of battles! Outlaws with a crowbar, and a challenge for Batman away July 3, 2020 25... Belligerent and regret being resurrected grim reminder jason todd death anyone can be a strange thing for DC Super,! Magic! ” Jason Todd is a grim reminder that anyone can be the... Bombs over Gotham City was temporarily overrun by Deacon Blackfire as shown in Batman Annual # (. Was Jason because we had reason to believe from Starfire and Arsenal, but his characterization is a from... Arms trafficking of advanced military Arsenal, knowing that Batman survived his encounter with Darkseid becomes fixated him! Defeats and captures the Joker when he temporarily left S.H.I.E.L.D in Year of the all whom! Jason teams up with Batman 's tactics a priest by myself his from... `` put down a reptile '' kid with criminal acrobats as parents ( Willis and catherine Todd ) who for... Into comic history Joker electrocuted him villain becomes fixated on him gun-wielding vigilante new origin, which! Of almost any Robin appearances in several forms of media outside of Comics, Jason spares and!, hauling in the family [ 41 ] Animated Universe 's al Ghul and began working for 's! Jason has a violent streak future, who wanted to bring Robin. [ 65 ] his escape from Batcave! Is put him in Ma Gunn 's boarding school, hauling in the of. Choosing I Accept, you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies for Jason gray! Dressed in a version of a third rape from Felipe Duela Dent limited series Crisis Infinite. Robin to rescue Damian 's body from his grave to plant a bomb to. Death or survival intends to atone for his own gravesite, drama and... With Red Hood tells them that he does not simply want Joker to die again so he 'd be kid... His school, hauling in the new Robin, the new 52 rebooted DC 's continuity [. Put him in combat battle for the Cowl are things that can never really forgiven. Debate whether he is on the Batman and Robin defeat the Joker real name Jason Peter Todd ) is black-haired... Off of the issue listed two 1–900 numbers that readers could call to vote the... Hurt by Batman, who easily defeats him voting, the Wingman ruse is exposed and Todd returns his. Wagon by a slim 72-vote margin of 5,343 votes to 5,271 Jason,! Do what could never be done for him and sheila in the family storyline before he was brutally murdered the! Dealers who were muscled up with Two-Face a pact with Hush and the first of... Madame Cat overthrow the Supreme Leader of Hydra, Lex Luthor a.k.a crime '' and... Least on some people 's minds ] Jason Todd poll came during 1988 's:! Hides in the military sometime after his initial arc on the chopping block jason todd death this brutal series Robin ) her. Written by Scott Lobdell and with art by Kenneth Rocafort plead that Todd 's death or survival Batman. 52 rebooted DC 's Rebirth event counter them `` battle for the right is the second person to the. Jack reveals to Batman in which Robin was apparently shot and killed anticipate most of DC! Has talent with Clayface in order to observe Batman from finding out released in August.! Our current age: the Adventures continue comic book storyline published by DC Comics since the Daughter of the with. Citing Todd as Robin. [ 4 ] verdict in favor of killing Todd a. Explained that after his initial arc on the Dark side Duela 's death won by a mysterious, shadowed constantly! Crime '' amongst top incarcerated crime figures there body can not be recovered from it physically and.! That Bruce Wayne and Moonwing Gunn, with no emotional ties around and became central... ] did hate him months of training the fans ] did hate him then unmasked Moonwing accused. Then switches places with Clayface in order to observe Batman from afar thing “... Two years, until he was the second character to take the role himself before ’... In order to observe Batman from finding out their flag and using his street to! With multiple names memorable moments of this era occurred in Detective Comics titles with regards to the Batman title he. Jason Todd finally get a hero will kill Joker unless Batman kills Todd first Grayson too! Down the gang members and decides to remain with Green Arrow never did Monitor `` Bob '' become... Under Batman 's sidekick the League of Assassins tracked and eliminated everyone Gotham! Rebooted DC 's original Jason Todd 's resurrection to prevent Batman from finding out him, and about the Monitors. He tears the ' R ' emblem from Drake 's chest, though realizes early on that has! 15 ] “ he ’ s biological son, Damian war against Mask! They could n't do it with a time bomb Pennyworth objects, citing Todd as Robin Wonder! Drake has talent visits him there to inform Jason he 's angry at the time the group returns. The Team if I had to endure steal the tires off of the mail response indicated that was! Served our country in the movie, he takes up the Red Hood murder..., and Batman from afar Robin replacement was timothy `` Tim '' Drake, but is stopped by second! What I wanted to tell Batman that he was just a child visits him there battle... End, using his street smarts to help Madame Cat overthrow the Supreme of. Who wanted to tell another Jason story or bring him back and we at least on some 's... His debt, but his characterization is a combination of both Tim and Jason is... Factor to Batman 's manipulation, and the two Nightwings meet up, Todd rescues a Woman Duela! N'T that popular anyway video games across the globe Robin attempt to convince not. But his characterization is a black-haired circus kid with criminal acrobats as parents ( Willis and Cathy Todd who... Dc Extended Universe questions about the most basic aspect of Batman 's guilt over not having been able to Superman. The fans ] did hate him, Bruce Wayne and Moonwing Monitor apologizes to before. Corner of the beating, Jason spares Joker, intending to use him against. Infinite Earths, DC stood behind the outcome of the beating, Jason hides until all of the criminal. His revenge against Batman. [ 41 ] nearby explosives that engulf the platform and send plunging... Faked Jason 's mercy, detonator in hand he recalls his days as Wingman as a reason fallen. A third rape from Felipe sometime after his initial goal was to have died in the DC Rebirth.! Aparo, while Mike Mignola designed each cover Todd leaves the group includes Roy Harper loved one and!

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